Intrinsic define (macro value) set by the compiler


__FB_LANG__ indicates which language compatibility option was set at the time of compilation of a module. By default __FB_LANG__ will be set to "fb". The language compatibility option can be changed using one (or more) of the following methods:

Returns a lower case string with one of the following values:
value description
''fb'' FreeBASIC compatibility (default)
''qb'' QBASIC compatibility
''fblite'' FreeBASIC language compatibility, with a more QBASIC-compatible coding style
''deprecated'' FBC version 0.16 compatibility

__FB_LANG__ is always defined.

'' Set option explicit always on

#ifdef __FB_LANG__
  #if __FB_LANG__ <> "fb"
    Option Explicit
  '' Older version - before lang fb
  Option Explicit

Differences from QB:
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