Returns a Date Serial from a string

declare function DateValue ( byref date_string as string ) as double

#include ""
result = DateValue( date_string )

the string to convert to a date serial

Return Value:
Returns a Date Serial from a date string.

The date string must be in the format set in the regional settings of the Operating System.

DateValue( Date() ) will work correctly only if the regional settings specify the same short date format QB used (mm-dd-yyyy). Consider using the Now function in the expression Fix(Now()) to obtain the current date as a date serial.

The compiler will not recognize this function unless or is included.

#include ""

Dim As Integer v1, v2
Dim As String  s1, s2

Print "Enter first date: ";
Line Input s1

If IsDate( s1 ) = 0 Then
  Print "not a date"
End If

Print "Enter second date: ";
Line Input s2

If IsDate( s2 ) = 0 Then
  Print "not a date"
End If

'' convert the strings to date serials
v1 = DateValue( s1 )
v2 = DateValue( s2 )

Print "Number of days between dates is " & Abs( v2 - v1 )

Differences from QB:
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