Control flow statement to continue next iteration of a loop

Continue {do | for | while}

Skips all code until the end clause of a loop structure, i.e. Do...Loop, For...Next, or a While...Wend block, then executes the limit condition check. In the case of a For...Next, the variable is incremented according to the Step specified.

Where there are multiple Do / For / While blocks nested, it will continue on the innermost block of that type, i.e. the last one entered. You can continue an earlier block of that type by giving the word multiple times, separated by commas. e.g. continue while, while

Dim As Integer n

Print "Here are odd numbers between 0 and 10!"
For n = 0 To 10

  If ( n Mod 2 ) = 0 Then
    Continue For
  End If
  Print n
Next n

 '' simple prime number finder

Print "Here are the prime numbers between 1 and 20!"

Dim n As Integer, d As Integer

For n = 2 To 20
    For d = 2 To Int(Sqr(n))
        If ( n Mod d ) = 0 Then ' d divides n
            Continue For, For ' n is not prime, so try next n
        End If
    Next d
    Print n
Next n

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