Non-modifiable variable declaration.

Const symbolname1 [AS DataType] = value1 [, symbolname2 [AS DataType] = value2, ...]
Const [AS DataType] symbolname1 = value1 [, symbolname2 = value2, ...]

Declares non-modifiable constant data that can be integer or decimal (floating-point) numbers or strings. The constant type will be inferred if DataType isn't explicitly given.

Specifying String * size, Zstring * size or Wstring * size as DataType is not allowed.
Specifying String as DataType is tolerated but without effect because the resulting type is always a Zstring * size.

Constants follow visibility rules similar to those of variables for Namespace blocks, Type blocks, and compound block statements.

Const Red = RGB(252, 2, 4)
Const Black As UInteger = RGB(0, 0, 0)
Const Text = "This is red text on a black bkgnd."

Locate 1, 1
Color Red, Black
Print Text

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