Stream I/O function to terminate access to a device

Close [[#]filenum ] [, [#]filenum ...]
result = Close( [#filenum] )

List of file numbers to close.

Return Value:
Close returns a 32 bit Long: a zero (0) on success and a non-zero error code otherwise.

Closes the files whose file numbers are passed as arguments. If an unused file number is passed, Close returns an error.

Close without arguments closes all the files presently opened.

Terminating the program using an End statement will automatically close all files.

The error code returned by Close can be checked using Err in the next line. The function version of Close returns directly the error code as a 32 bit Long.

' Create a string and fill it.
Dim buffer As String, f As Integer

buffer = "Hello World within a file."

' Find the first free file number.
f = FreeFile

' Open the file "file.ext" for binary usage, using the number "f".
Open "file.ext" For Binary As #f

  ' Place our string inside the file, using number "f".
  Put #f, , buffer

' Close the file.  We could also do 'Close #f', but it's only necessary if more than one number is open.

' End of program. (Check the file "file.ext" upon running to see the output.)

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