Clears or initializes some memory

declare sub Clear cdecl ( byref dst as any, byval value as long = 0, byval bytes as uinteger )

Clear( dst, [value], bytes )

starting address of some memory
the value to set all bytes equal to
number of bytes to clear

Clear sets one or more bytes in memory to a certain value (the default value is zero (0) if not specified). The starting address is taken from a reference to a variable or array element.

NOTE: In order to clear memory referenced by a Pointer, it must be dereferenced first (or else specifying in argument term the Byval keyword in front of the pointer name). Otherwise, Clear will try to clear the bytes at the pointer variable's memory location.

'create an array with 100 elements
Dim array(0 To 99) As Integer

'clear the contents of the array to 0, starting with the first element
Clear array(0), , 100 * SizeOf(Integer)

'allocate 20 bytes of memory
Dim As Byte Ptr p = Allocate(20)

'set each of the first ten bytes to 0
Clear *p, 0, 10

'set each of the next ten bytes to 42
Clear p[10], 42, 10

'check the values of the allocated bytes
For i As Integer = 0 To 19
    Print i, p[i]

'deallocate memory
Deallocate p

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