Returns a string of characters from one or more ASCII integer values

declare function Chr ( byval ch as integer [, ... ] ) as string

result = Chr[$]( ch0 [, ch1 ... chN ] )

The ASCII integer value of a character.

Return Value:
Returns a string containing the character(s).

Chr returns a string containing the character(s) represented by the ASCII values passed to it.

When Chr is used with numerical constants or literals, the result is evaluated at compile-time, so it can be used in variable initializers.

ASC performs the opposite function, returning the ASCII code of a character represented by a string.

Print "the character represented by";
Print " the ASCII code of 97 is: "; Chr(97)

Print Chr(97, 98, 99) ' prints abc

' s initially has the value "abc"
Dim s As String = Chr(97, 98, 99)

Print s

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