Specifies a cdecl-style calling convention in a procedure declaration

Sub name Cdecl [Overload] [Alias "alias"] ( parameters )
Function name Cdecl [Overload] [Alias "alias"] ( parameters ) [ Byref ] as return_type

In procedure declarations, Cdecl specifies that a procedure will use the Cdecl calling convention. In the Cdecl calling convention, any parameters are to be passed (pushed onto the stack) in the reverse order in which they are listed, that is, from right to left. The procedures need not preserve the EAX, ECX or EDX registers, and must not clean up the stack (pop any parameters) before it returns - that is left to the calling code.

Cdecl is allowed to be used with variadic procedure declarations (those with the last parameter listed as "...").

Cdecl is the default calling convention on Linux, the *BSDs, and DOS, unless another calling convention is explicitly specified or implied by one of the EXTERN blocks. Cdecl is typically the default calling convention for C compilers, and it's used almost exclusively on Unix-like systems.

' declaring 'strcpy' from the standard C library
Declare Function strcpy CDecl Alias "strcpy" (ByVal dest As ZString Ptr, ByVal src As ZString Ptr) As ZString Ptr

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