DOS Keyboard Scancodes

Listing of keyboard scancodes.

Here follows a list of hardware keyboard scancodes accepted by the Multikey function. These are equal to DOS scancodes, and are guaranteed to be always recognized on all platforms.

These constants are also defined in the include file you can use in your programs. If you are using the lang fb dialect then everything inside is enclosed in the FB Namespace. To use these constants in lang fb, either prepend "FB." to the constant name, or put "Using FB" after the #Include line.
The hexadecimal code is not required and provided only for reference.

SC_ESCAPE       &h01
SC_1            &h02
SC_2            &h03
SC_3            &h04
SC_4            &h05
SC_5            &h06
SC_6            &h07
SC_7            &h08
SC_8            &h09
SC_9            &h0A
SC_0            &h0B
SC_MINUS        &h0C
SC_EQUALS       &h0D
SC_TAB          &h0F
SC_Q            &h10
SC_W            &h11
SC_E            &h12
SC_R            &h13
SC_T            &h14
SC_Y            &h15
SC_U            &h16
SC_I            &h17
SC_O            &h18
SC_P            &h19
SC_ENTER        &h1C
SC_CONTROL      &h1D
SC_A            &h1E
SC_S            &h1F
SC_D            &h20
SC_F            &h21
SC_G            &h22
SC_H            &h23
SC_J            &h24
SC_K            &h25
SC_L            &h26
SC_QUOTE        &h28
SC_TILDE        &h29
SC_LSHIFT       &h2A
SC_Z            &h2C
SC_X            &h2D
SC_C            &h2E
SC_V            &h2F
SC_B            &h30
SC_N            &h31
SC_M            &h32
SC_COMMA        &h33
SC_PERIOD       &h34
SC_SLASH        &h35
SC_RSHIFT       &h36
SC_MULTIPLY     &h37
SC_ALT          &h38
SC_SPACE        &h39
SC_F1           &h3B
SC_F2           &h3C
SC_F3           &h3D
SC_F4           &h3E
SC_F5           &h3F
SC_F6           &h40
SC_F7           &h41
SC_F8           &h42
SC_F9           &h43
SC_F10          &h44
SC_NUMLOCK      &h45
SC_HOME         &h47
SC_UP           &h48
SC_PAGEUP       &h49
SC_LEFT         &h4B
SC_CLEAR        &h4C
SC_CENTER       &h4C
SC_RIGHT        &h4D
SC_PLUS         &h4E
SC_END          &h4F
SC_DOWN         &h50
SC_PAGEDOWN     &h51
SC_INSERT       &h52
SC_DELETE       &h53
SC_F11          &h57
SC_F12          &h58
'' Extra scancodes not compatible with DOS scancodes
SC_LWIN         &h5B
SC_RWIN         &h5C
SC_MENU         &h5D

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