FreeBASIC Manual Downloads

Information about the latest (and previous) FreeBASIC releases including the documentation, can be found on the forum: FreeBASIC News

The actual documentation files can be found on SourceForge.
For the latest release, see: Documentation
And and for older versions, see: Older versions

Any downloadable documentation made available is a snapshot of the wiki available at the time of the compiler's packaged release.

The documentation is generated in five different formats (except for some of the older versions):

As Compiled HTML file. The CHM contains web-like pages with a tree index.
With a CHM-viever, one can easily search the documentation.
The Microsoft Windows OS includes a CHM-viever by default, but downloaded CHM files can be blocked by the OS (a CHM file can contain malicious code).
For linux there are several viewers, e.g. xCHM and KchmViewer.

Offline HTML pages (start at 00index.html)

For the fbhelp program (QB-like help viewer). Web-like pages with no index.

As one .txt file, e.g. for printing to paper. A linear list without index.

The wiki pages in their original fomat. Normally only useful if you run a WikkaWiki server.

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