FreeBASIC Manual
Language Documentation: Keywords and language features explained.
Compiler Reference: How to invoke the compiler.
Programmer's Guide & Tutorials: How to write programs in FreeBASIC.

FreeBASIC's Official Forum
The best place to ask questions, present projects, stay up to date and meet FreeBASIC users & developers, including the Documentation forum and its Index page of draft articles.

FreeBASIC's SourceForge Page
Official FreeBASIC downloads are available here, as well as a bug tracker and the FreeBASIC Compiler's source code repository.

FreeBASIC Internals Documentation
Guides on how to compile FreeBASIC itself, and documentation of how the compiler and run-time libraries work behind the scenes.


Hello, and welcome to the FreeBASIC wiki. FreeBASIC is free, open source and in active development.
This wiki contains the FreeBASIC Manual. The manual is updated whenever possible to document the latest version of FreeBASIC available. Some features documented here might not be available yet in the latest official FreeBASIC release, and may only be available when building the FreeBASIC compiler and/or runtime libraries from sources, or downloading a compiled development version. The content on this wiki is created and updated by users and developers of FreeBASIC. Here is a list of people who spent a lot of time getting this wiki up and running:
Documentation Contributors

From time to time, an offline version of the manual is compiled and made available for download. A list of the compilations is also available at the Wiki downloads page.

How to improve this Wiki
Have you found an error or omission on one of our pages? Please register on our forum and request an account at wiki signups to get edit access to our wiki. Let us know about the error or omission by adding a comment to the page, or edit the content yourself and help contribute to the wiki. Have a look at the FB Wiki - Help page to get started. Also, feel free to take a look at the list of Docs pages that need to be written.

How to get involved in FB development
Getting involved in FreeBASIC's development isn't hard. You can provide feedback, help improving this wiki or help developing FreeBASIC-related projects. Of course you can also contribute to the FreeBASIC compiler, by reporting bugs or submitting patches. A good way to get started is to write small patches and submitting them via the patch tracker on SourceForge, or posting them on the forum. Besides the compiler (written in FreeBASIC itself), there is the runtime library as well as the graphics library (both written in C). Feel free to contact other developers via the forum, the ##freebasic IRC channel on freenode, or the trackers on SourceForge. Join the discussion on Discord

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