Getting source code updates and recompiling FB

To download updates made available in the fbc Git repository, you can do a pull, either using your preferred graphical Git tool, or in a terminal:

git pull

To take a look at incoming changes before applying them, do this:

# Update remote branches
git fetch

# Take a look
gitk --all

# Everything looks ok? Then merge the remote branch into the current branch to apply the update.
git merge origin/master

Rebuilding is, most of the time, as easy as as running "make" again. Of course, if you used compilation options (like ENABLE_STANDALONE) for the build, you have to specify them again this time, unless they are (still) set in

# or if needed:

As a special exception, for the DOS build it is necessary to run make clean before make to properly rebuild FB after source modules have been renamed or deleted. The reason for this is that under DOS/DJGPP the makefile uses *.o wildcards to link fbc and archive libfb.a etc., instead of passing the explicit .o file names, because it has to obey the command line length limitation. If make clean is not run, it may use old left-over object files from a previous build. Luckily, we do not rename or delete source files often.

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