Installing gcc for -gen gcc

Windows 32bit

If you are using the FreeBASIC-x.xx.x-win32 package, you can use our pre-made gcc package. Download from the Binaries - Windows/More/ directory at the fbc downloads area, and extract it into the FreeBASIC installation directory (where fbc.exe is), such that gcc.exe and cc1.exe will be placed in these locations:

You can also download Win32 versions of gcc directly from the or MinGW-w64 projects.

Windows 64bit

The FreeBASIC-x.xx.x-win64 package already comes with gcc included, and uses -gen gcc by default (because -gen gas does not support 64bit).


It requires a (minimal) DJGPP installation. DJGPP can be downloaded from the DJGPP website. At least the djdev*.zip and gcc* are needed. In order to run the DJGPP gcc, the DJGPP environment variable must be set to point to the djgpp.env file.

To use the DJGPP gcc with the FreeBASIC-x.xx.x-dos package, copy gcc.exe and cc1.exe into the FreeBASIC installation directory, such that they will be placed in these locations:


Typically the gcc package is already installed, or it can be installed by doing something like:
sudo apt-get install gcc
(the exact command depends on your GNU/Linux distribution)

Non-standalone fbc installed into DJGPP/MinGW toolchains

If you are using a non-standalone version of fbc (e.g. from one of the fbc-x.xx.x-win32 packages), and have it installed inside a DJGPP or MinGW toolchain, then -gen gcc should already work, as the DJGPP or MinGW toolchains provide gcc.

As long as gcc.exe is in the same directory as fbc.exe (typically C:\DJGPP\bin\ or C:\MinGW\bin\), or available in the PATH environment variable, fbc.exe should be able to find and use it.

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