Procedures that operate on one or more operands.

FreeBASIC has numerous operators that perform a certain function with their operands. Many operators use a "operand operator operand" syntax, like Operator = (Assignment) or Operator +, while others are called like normal procedures, like Operator Strptr.

Assignment operators
Operators which assign the value of one operand to the other.
Arithmetic operators
Operators that perform mathematical computations on their operands and return the result.
Conditional operators
Operators that compare the relationship between their operands.
Logical operators
Operators that perform bitwise computations with their operands and return the result.
Short circuit operators
Operators that perform short circuit evaluations with their operands and return the result.
Indexing operators
Operators that return references to variables or objects based on an index value.
String operators
Operators overloaded to work with strings.
Preprocessor operators
Operators that control preprocessor behavior.
Pointer operators
Operators that work with pointers and addresses.
Type or Class operators
Operators that provide access to Type or Class members.
Memory operators
Operators that allocate memory for and construct objects.
Iterating operators
Operators that use iterator objects in For...Next statements.

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