Game Spotlight: Review of Zonaxtic

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Game Spotlight: Review of Zonaxtic

Postby anonymous1337 » Aug 13, 2007 13:47

Really great. AI is great. Interaction with the world is great. Could all be expanded, and quite hollow once you reach your basic game goal. I'm not including multiplayer in this.

Was very good ^.^;;

All very good and matches, but still missing that wow factor. It's very polished, too.

Overall Score:
Good/Recommended ^.^;;

In Zonaxtic, you play as a ship whos goal in life is to have a net worth of $1,000,000. There's federations which you can trade with, and do errands for. Federations also have a global system of communication regarding thugs. Many shops won't do business with these thugs, and all Federations hold a bounty for the halting of these thugs rampages. Although there's no real cross-communication between any elements in the game, the AI is so convincingly human, and all AI seem to have the same capabilities as you (lest actually halting to shop/visit federations), that you really have a great time interacting with the world.

Zonaxtics features a nice variety of game settings, from the map size to sound levels. It features many ship models (3 base models, 3 levels of upgrades + monster ship model for completing the game). Its help file's decent, and the interface isn't that hard to get around in. The graphics are nice and shiny, too. As for the gameplay as a whole, there's 4 basic things you can do - Trading, Errand Running, Pirating, and Bounty Hunting (the former causing the police to go after you, and the latter resulting in possible death due to extremely strong foes).

The gameplay could have been improve in a number of ways, as once you reach your goal for the game, it immediately hollows out.

One downside is that you can't start your own federation and there's not a dynamic map. Once I became powerful enough where only a Z-shooter catching me at a bad angle could kill me (even with a Monster ship, those things are FURIOUS!), the game got boring, fast. If I was able to create, manage, expand, and set rules for my own Federation (such as trade rates, whether we trade with criminals, police creation, bandit creationn, etc.), the game would have been a lot more fun.

A few gameplay bending features woulda been nice, too. Being able to suck in close items would have been great, as there's been many jerks wanting to come around and steal mine. Being able to become a police officer would have been great. I could imagine working for a federation of federation group/family (a, b, or c) and competing with other officers. Customization of ships and part addition woulda been cool, too, although that might be asking for a bit much :P

Maybe if there was a greater, deeper meaning to your character in the game, it'd be even more interesting. Who knows though . . .

I think you'll find that this game was good enough to get you thinking of just how good a sequel could be. The game is very open ended. Most games don't do that. When you just feel like a "character" and have a very linear game, you tend to think of what the next step would be, rather than how you would expand upon the world itself. Well, this game does have a set goal of a net worth of $1,000,000, but the world itself is very dynamic.

Downsides of the game? There aren't many. If you're wondering about my rating, then, it's the fact that it leaves you wanting more. It just doesn't leave you very fulfilled, the game. Not everything's perfect, but nothing's truly horrible, except maybe the system requirements for some people (just change the game settings to lower these). This game leaves me only finding myself wanting to suggest features, than having me report bugs.

Oh yeah, you can't defend. You have your shield, and you can upgrade your engine, but if you're in a sticky situation, there's no real way to get out of it. Yes, and you can't save, either. Major issue if you're not very good at the game (which I wasn't for quite some time).

Feature Requests:

- Be a police officer
- Gameplay bending power-ups such as item attraction
- Federation starting
- Dynamic Map sizes for world expansions
- More purpose for the separation of A, B, and C federations.
- More personal character development (ship editing, missions, jobs, I Dunno ;P)
- Other...things >.>;; Larger game. I could honestly replay this entire game over again, knowing that once I "beat" it there would be more to it.

I recommend you play Zonaxtic
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Postby KristopherWindsor » Aug 13, 2007 18:36

Thanks for the review. A sequel is coming. Hopefully I can offer a long-play mode for fun and a short-play (half hour) mode for high scores like I have now. :-) BTW, how does 15, 15, and 15 average to 14? :-P
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Postby Lachie Dazdarian » Aug 13, 2007 21:29

Erm...can I use this score for FBGD? You never got back to me on score for Zonaxtic.
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Postby anonymous1337 » Aug 14, 2007 7:05

Lachie Dazdarian wrote:Erm...can I use this score for FBGD? You never got back to me on score for Zonaxtic.
BTW, how does 15, 15, and 15 average to 14? :-P
It doesn't. 14 is my final and overall score.

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