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Re: Interacting with Serial Ports

Postby thesanman112 » Mar 01, 2008 8:30

jtlodi wrote:Hi Phishguy ... came across your post about servos. I am brand new to FB but have been programming in QB, VB, VisualFoxPro for lots of years. I have a stepper motor control board from Eggert Electrics which interactively operates steppers using QB at the DOS level (Print #1, ... ). Of course I have to run QB in DOS and am looking for a way to run the code under Windows.

Is FB able to control serial ports while running under XP? or do I need some sort of serial port dll control? Windows took away direct access to ports and that caused a lot of hassles.

Hopefully you will tell me that it is a piece of cake in FB!


Jim in Lodi

hey jt, post some of your qb code, I can translate it to fb in seconds...
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Postby Eviltoaster » Mar 08, 2008 1:09

im so stupid sometimes :P

well i think i need to buy a new controller becouse i need to change computer . and now i need to use usb becouse my laptop dont have serial connection..
but my question is .. maybe i can connect my parallax serial controller to the usb om my own laptop .. but how :P

i think it is easyer to buy a new one with usb on it ..
and i didnt buy the first one, my school did so i dont think money is the problem..

EDIT: one more thing ... is it hard to program usb stuff?
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Postby phishguy » Mar 08, 2008 15:47

You have 2 options. The first is to buy a USB to serial port converter to connect between the PC ant you servo controller. The second, and I think the best option, is to get the USB servo controller.( I use this and it works great) You would notice no difference in your program as both methods appear as a serial com port to your PC. No USB programming knowledge is required.
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Postby Eviltoaster » Mar 19, 2008 1:01

well i have the pololu servo controller now ..and i changed a little bit in your code and i got it to open a connection but i dont know how to send so i can get servo 0 to change positon ... well im a beginner in this so i dont know what im doing :D

here is how it works ...

please help me :S
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Postby Eviltoaster » Mar 19, 2008 11:03

nvm it works perfect now ...
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Postby technoweasel » Dec 09, 2008 0:21

I don't know if anyone is still watching this post, and you have probably decided on a purchase, but here's my message:

I am playing around with freebasic and my Parallax BOE-bot in my spare time. I use the USB-serial adapter and it seems to work fine.

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