Two huge begginner level tutorials by me(for GFXlib).

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Lachie Dazdarian
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Two huge begginner level tutorials by me(for GFXlib).

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The first tutorial was published in QB Express #19 and the second one should appear in issue #20. I discovered few mistakes in both of them which are fixed now.

If you are a newbie this should get you starting.

Lesson #1: Download
Lesson #2: Download

If you have a site feel free to leach these files or to upload them on your site. Sorry for the links only. I'm still unable to update my articles site. I hate when firewalls work against me. :P

If you are wondering about mistakes the biggest one was in the first lesson where I incorrectly gave instructions about using 24 bit graphics in GFXlib. I said you can't get transparency with sprites saved in 24 bit mode in a GFXlib program that uses 24 or 32 bit screen color depth. I realized later that this was caused by my incorrect way of converting 8 bit graphics to 24 bit color depth mode. In the second it was only one word but kinda important(I refered to a variable with an incorrect name). And several nitpicks(of course)
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Another good resource to give a friend of mine thats starting to code ^^
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You could contact Pete with the corrections. Maybe he could put it in a small section of its own, notifying ongoing readers of the changes.
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