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I'm sure I've mentioned this before.

Exercism.org is a place where programmers can go to get better. The blurb on the front page includes "Solve coding exercises and get mentored to develop fluency in your chosen programming languages. Exercism is open-source and not-for-profit."

I've recently launched a learning track for 8th, a FORTH dialect. It took me a while but I was working mostly alone. I had a considerably larger team around me for the COBOL track.

There could be a BASIC track. It's not hard, and the community is helpful and the admin support is outstanding. The requirements are well described.

I am NOT volunteering to lead. I'm still working on a Euphoria track, and if that doesn't kill me, I'll follow with SNOBOL4.

This is only a suggestion. Maybe you don't want FreeBASIC's head to appear above the parapets. But there are no other BASIC dialects represented on Exercism and that sucks.

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Re: Exercism

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Great initiative!

Exercism added to bookmarks, it looks really good.
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