pdfio headers for frebasic

Headers, Bindings, Libraries for use with FreeBASIC, Please include example of use to help ensure they are tested and usable.
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pdfio headers for frebasic

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Hello, i translated the pdfio headers with fbfrog.
Here they are https://github.com/demosthenesk/pdfio-freebasic

PDFio is a simple C library for reading and writing PDF files. The primary goals of PDFio are:

- Read and write any version of PDF file
- Provide access to pages, objects, and streams within a PDF file
- Support reading and writing of encrypted PDF files
- Extract or embed useful metadata (author, creator, page information, etc.)
- "Filter" PDF files, for example to extract a range of pages or to embed fonts that are missing from a PDF
- Provide access to objects used for each page

PDFio is not concerned with rendering or viewing a PDF file, although a PDF RIP or viewer could be written using it.
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