FreeBASIC manual book for DevHelp (LINUX)

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FreeBASIC manual book for DevHelp (LINUX)

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I published a new project on GitHub, containing the current FreeBASIC manual as a DevHelp book. Find details at


DevHelp is a development tool to browse and search documentations on LINUX. After installing any package with *-doc suffix, the help/documentation context gets available as a 'book' in DevHelp. The above Git-repository makes the FreeBASIC manual sites available beside all other documentations. You can browse FB commands and library symbols (ie cairo, Gtk, OsmGpsMap, ...) at one place.

This project is the successor for FB manual for Devhelp (LINUX) (DE: FB-Befehlsreferenz für Devhelp). It's up-dated and now hosted at GitHub for easy up-dating.
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