Version 1.08.1 Released

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Version 1.08.1 Released

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FB version 1.08.1

This versions fixes bugs that caused problems with the 1.08.0 release. Please download 1.08.1 to fix the following:

  • github #315: set parameters when calling SCREENCONTROL (was broken in fbc 1.08.0 due to new LONG/LONGINT SCREENCONTROL API's)
  • github #318: duplicate definition for deleting destructor; the deleting destructor was being emitted even though the class was declarations only on the fbc side
  • github #320: oGLfbGFX: scaling set by SCREENCONTROL not used when initializing opengl unix driver
  • github #321: __FB_ARG_EXTRACT__ incorrectly recognizes commas nested in other forms with variadic macros - internally use new hlp-str.bas:hStr2Args() procedure
  • github #322: Fix D2D not rendering the rightmost column of pixels (adeyblue)
  • fbc: remove warning on function suffix in '-lang qb'
  • github #314: fbc: pass '-T scriptfile' option to linker LD and add 'INSERT AFTER .data;' to fbextra.x linker script to quiet warning on LD version 2.36 and higher
  • gas64: .a64 replaced by .asm to be coherent with documentation

See changelog.txt for the full list of changes.

For discussion on this release please post in the topic FreeBASIC 1.08 Release discussion

MOST LIKELY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR... Thanks for downloading!

If for some reason you were expecting a different package, you may find it below. Read carefully - especially windows users! You do not need to download all these packages to make FreeBASIC work. These packages are made available for both historic and development reasons. If you are in doubt, try the windows package above and if you have trouble, please turn back now and post your question or concern on the forum.


Windows Binaries (default for fbc-1.08.x is winlibs gcc 9.3.0) Linux Binaries (default for fbc-1.08.x is ubuntu 16.04) Raspberry PI (Linux) Binaries (default for fbc-1.08.x is raspbian9-arm & ubuntu 20.10-aarch64) DOS Binaries Documentation Source Code and all the FB downloads can also be found at SourceForge.


The following packages target specific versions of gcc on mingw-w64/mingw32, mingw-w64/mingw64, winlibs/mingw32, winlibs/mingw64

Windows Binaries (winlibs gcc 9.3.0) Windows Binaries (mingw-w64 gcc 5.2.0) Windows Binaries (mingw-w64 gcc 8.1.0) FREEBASIC PACKAGES BUILT ON/FOR ALTERNATE LINUX (UBUNTU & RASPBIAN9)

Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 14.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 18.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 20.10 Linux Binaries - Raspbian9
This is same package as the default, but with a more complete naming ----
Note: there is a lot of links here. Hopefully they are all correct. They may have suffered from some cut-and-paste error. If you find an incorrect link, or a problem with a package, please post about it the topic FreeBASIC 1.08 Release Discussion
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