Backup software.

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Backup software.

Postby deltarho[1859] » Jun 16, 2021 4:58

I have been using EaseUS Todo Backup for some time, and a friend of mine has been using it for nearly as long. A few weeks ago he reported that the scheduling failed and backups were not been done. I was OK but one morning a backup was started which surprised me as one had been done the previous evening. I checked that out. I then had a run of days without a backup being done. Well, we need backup software failing to do a scheduled backup like a hole in the head. Over at PowerBASIC there was a discussion on backup software and AOME| Backupper was being recommended. I have been using AOME| Partition Assistant Standard Edition (Freeware) for a few years.

I gave it a try. It has a really cool interface and more tools than Todo Backup. I couldn't stop watching a Netflix film one night and slept in that day. I always put my machine to Sleep when I go to sleep. I got up after the scheduled backup should have been done. After waking my machine up shortly after Backupper kicked in. That is more like it. Image

AOME| Backupper Standard

That is freeware. The Pro version executes faster, has a backup scheme, technical support 24/7/365 and Lifetime Upgrades. There is a 24 hour flash sale at the moment - 25% off - just over 23 hours left as I write this.

I had to restore my system yesterday after a MS optional update screwed me up - it was dead easy.

If you don't have any backup software, you should have a look at the above - you have nothing to lose.

I had been using a Samsung T3 SSD (256GB) external drive. I need something larger so upgraded to a Samsung T5 SSD (1TB) recently. That cost me about £4 less than the 256GB did about four years ago. Samsung T5 will knock you back £106.10 in the UK. My C: drive is on a SSD so full backups are done rapidly.
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