Version 1.07.3 Released (Full Release)

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Version 1.07.3 Released (Full Release)

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FB version 1.07.3 Full Release changelog.txt
- This fixes a major bug when using gcc backend plus optimizations enabled to build shared libraries (dll).
- We also try some new Windows tool chains for gcc 8.x backends. gcc 5.2 has been the default backend compiler for many releases and this last release of the fbc-1.07 branch should help transition for a default 8.x gcc backend in the fbc-1.08.0 release.

  • #898: fbc win gfxlib DirectX driver failed to initialize on 64-bit, due to incorrect construction of DIDATAFORMAT for keyboard device (macko17)
  • C backend: switch to .text section after writing the exports to the C file in the explicit asm block. gcc can move sections around with optimizations and there is a change between 7.x and 8.x that causes issue with where the directive section is located
This should be the last release for the fbc-1.07 branch, so if you have not yet updated from fbc-1.07.1 or 1.07.2, or the partial windows only 1.07.3, this would be the time to update to fbc-1.07.3

For discussion on this release please post in the topic FreeBASIC 1.07 Release Discussion

MOST LIKELY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR... Thanks for downloading!


Windows Binaries (default for fbc-1.07.x is gcc 5.2.0) Linux Binaries (default for fbc-1.07.x is ubuntu 16.04) Raspberry PI (Linux) Binaries (default for fbc-1.07.x is raspbian9-arm & ubuntu 20.10-aarch64) DOS Binaries Documentation Source Code and all the FB downloads can also be found at SourceForge.


The following packages target different versions of gcc on mingw-w64/mingw32 and mingw-w64/mingw64.

Windows Binaries (equation gcc 8.3.0 - experimental) Windows Binaries (winlibs gcc 8.4.0) Windows Binaries (mingw-w64 gcc 5.2.0) Windows Binaries (mingw-w64 gcc 8.1.0)

Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 14.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 18.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Binaries - Ubuntu 20.10 Linux Binaries - Raspbian9
This is same package as the default, but with a more complete naming
Note: there is a lot of links here. Hopefully they are all correct. They may have suffered from some cut-and-paste error. If you find an incorrect link, or a problem with a package, please post about it the topic FreeBASIC 1.07 Release Discussion
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