window9 on Fedora 31

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window9 on Fedora 31

Postby Helium5793 » Mar 19, 2020 16:23

I have been going back and forth with stabud on sourceforge about installing window9 on Fedora 31 linux. I was getting 2 errors stopping me from running it.

Here is what I learned to get it running (some of this is quoted from another basic forum post.
For LINUX you need to download the archive: window9_linux.tar.gz

1) Put files libwindow9.a, libLinked_Lists.a in the folder: /usr/local/lib/freebasic/linux-x86 OR /usr/local/lib/freebasic/linux-x86_64

2) Put files , , in the folder: /usr/local/include/freebasic

In the Linux may have to install dependencies from dev versions: gtk (I suggest GTK2) , zlib, webkitgtk , ...
This stuff was already installed on my OS, but were not working. I was getting these compile time errors.

ld: cannot find -lwebkitgtk-1.0
ld. cannot find -lgtkgl-2.0
I was able to locate libgtkgl-2_0-1-2.0.1-lp151.2.1.x86_64.rpm on line and installed it. That took care of the second error.

Stabud gave me directions for the next part:

1) Add RPM Fusion repositories to your system
2) Download latest rpmsphere-release rpm from

3) Install rpmsphere-release rpm:

rpm -Uvh rpmsphere-release*rpm

4) Install webkitgtk rpm package:

dnf install webkitgtk
dnf install webkitgtk-devel

That eliminated the final error. Note that what is being installed here are slightly older (fedora 30) versions of this software.
My thanks to stabud who was patient in helping me get this running, and I hope this helps anyone else trying to run window9 on Fedora linux.
and gee, fedora 32 is now in beta...hopefully that won't affect things.

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Re: window9 on Fedora 31

Postby Helium5793 » Mar 19, 2020 23:55

I have spent the afternoon seeing how window9 works and it is the window program I have been looking for. The language usage feels right for basic and while I am not its master yet, it looks really good. I just ran across a statement that is coughing up an error, and I cannot figure out what it is trying to say.
The program sets up a listbox and sets the column width. Here it is:
Look at the dim statement. I have not seen one with 'or' statements in it. The statement is listed as an error and I am not sure how to correct it. It could be that flag is just to be the multicolumn in this example and the vertical or horizontal scroll is actually for a different example. I can find nothing in the docs about using an 'or statement in a dim statement. Anyway this is doing a lot with with very little code.

Code: Select all

#Include ""
Var hwnd=OpenWindow("",10,10,300,300)

For a As Integer=1000 To 1100
 var event=WaitEvent()
 If event=eventclose Then End
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Re: window9 on Fedora 31

Postby VANYA » Mar 20, 2020 5:39

In the reference library for each function, specify the platform, where this feature can work. Function SetColumnWidthListBox can only work on the WINDOWS platform.

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