Freebasic calls to FTDI chip driver libraries?

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Freebasic calls to FTDI chip driver libraries?

Postby danube7 » Mar 07, 2019 21:07

Hi All,

And hi in particular to users fdrn, oceano and tjf, who have worked on this before, judging from previous posts on the subject. I hope some of you guys are still active here.

I would like to write some Freebasic code that calls on the latest FTDI FTD2xx.dll. I've poked around a bit and found the topics below, but the most recent of these posts is from 9 years ago. FTDI has updated their drivers a bit since then (not to mention Freebasic)! Also, even with some knowledge of programming, it was not entirely obvious to me how to translate the FTDI dll into something that Freebasic can work with. I could not find some of the suggested software tools.

So, has anyone here dealt with FTDI in the recent past and gotten the FTDI dlls to work with Freebasic? If not, is there someone here who might guide me through the process, using the minimal amount of installed software necessary. I will document as I go, so that the process can hopefully be repeated as FB and the FTDI drivers evolve.

Just to be clear, I need access to the FTDI FTD2xx dll, NOT the "VCP" functionality that comes with many of their chips. I need to be able to access the low level functions of their chips and modify their operation. So I really need to be able to work directly with the functions of the dll.

So, hoping someone can give me some advice, point me to more recent links, or be patient with me as I work it out.



Some of the older posts are linked below for reference.
viewtopic.php?f=14&t=17439&p=153121&hilit=ftd2xx#p153121 ... i-174.html
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Re: Freebasic calls to FTDI chip driver libraries?

Postby TJF » Mar 08, 2019 10:26

Hi Dan!

What exactly is your problem? The header at ... i-174.html is for version 2.08. And such a version is still available at Why don't you use it?

And even if you need by any reason the current 2.12 version, it shouldn't be much work to adapt the API calls in that header (if necessary at all).

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Re: Freebasic calls to FTDI chip driver libraries?

Postby danube7 » Mar 08, 2019 16:43

Hello Thomas,

I will give it a try. I guess I am a bit hesitant to use such an old file for fear that I may spend a lot of time trying to get it to work, and then find I need the newer one. But I see now that the file still supports the chips I expect to use - the FTDI product line must be relatively stable.

The other thing is that I didn't even check to save the XP version of the DLL, since I am moving away from XP. I only have one machine left that runs it. But in this case, I guess it doesn't matter. If FB can work with it, all I need is the ftd2xx.dll, right?

I'll start playing with it, time allowing, and we'll see how far I get. Thanks.


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