80486 emulator with SVGA in BASIC!!!!!

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Re: 80486 emulator with SVGA in BASIC!!!!!

Postby jepalza » Mar 03, 2019 20:35

I did not know anything about making declarations in power of 2 (2048 instead of 2000), it's interesting, I'll see for it.
Making dimensions (0 to 255) versus old system (256) if I knew it, but to go programming step by step, it's not something I gave importance to, and now, changing everything is a bit complicated, but I'll try, see If I get something more speed.

Thanks counting_pine
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Re: 80486 emulator with SVGA in BASIC!!!!!

Postby angros47 » May 14, 2019 15:20

The link on Google Drive doesn't work, is there any other place to download it?
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Re: 80486 emulator with SVGA in BASIC!!!!!

Postby counting_pine » May 14, 2019 20:10

I happen to have a copy of the archive downloaded from this thread, which was, I am pretty sure, PCEM_FB486.rar.
I've uploaded it as a Github repo: https://github.com/countingpine/PCEM_FB486

I couldn't find any copyright information in the archive. I was going to add copyright info from version 0.41 of PCem which he says it's based on, but I couldn't find any there either! But I've at least added the GPL COPYING file from the PCem source.

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