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Re: VisualFBEditor - IDE for FreeBasic

Postby St_W » Jan 11, 2019 8:38

If there still were any win98 users out there that would care, then probably, but I doubt there are any. So no, there hasn't been any effort put in porting FB to win98, neither by the compiler developers nor by external contributors. Afaik the currently used toolchain to compile FB for windows doesn't support win98 anymore. (and why should it? win98 is 20+ years old by now and if one's still running such a legacy system one could simply use the software/compilers from those days)
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Re: VisualFBEditor - IDE for FreeBasic

Postby marcov » Jan 13, 2019 13:56

Xusinboy Bekchanov wrote:
marcov wrote:I think it is better to simply wait till the win98 users have ported current FB versions to it?

Such attempts are being done at all?

Not that I know. But it is an alternative to having to support old versions forever because newer versions don't support some long forgotten operating system/architecture.

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