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FreeBASIC Code Assistant

Postby marineskibbi » Mar 02, 2013 0:00

Hello, I've created a program in visual basic that helps you to create code.
It's rather simple, if you want to display a variable, you will click 'Variable' then 'Display Variable' and in the pop-up box, you will type in the text string and/or variable and the program will create the code itself.
Below is a link to an image displaying it. ... istant.png
-Displaying variables (input)
-Inputting variables (print)
-Declaring strings, integers and doubles (dim)
-Declaring subs and subs (declare sub ....)
-Goto sub (subname)
-End sub
It is pretty much all I know.
*In future, I plan on making it save/load a .bas file and compile it for the user, essentially making it an easy IDE.
Source (Visual Basic 2008)
It works with Windows XP and 7, possibly 8. I may make an online version with WPF controls but that won't have the pop-up windows!

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Re: FreeBASIC Code Assistant

Postby St_W » Mar 03, 2013 16:56

I compiled it using VS2010 and it works, but that's all. I can't think of any use for such a program - it makes writing programs not faster at all, except you are a extremely slow typer or can't remember basic syntactical structures (but that's something one has to learn, when programming).
Why don't you look at existing concepts for code assistance, that other common IDEs provide? Take Visual Studio as example, because you're probably using it when coding in VisualBasic .NET. It provides a similar feature like you were trying to implement in your little program. But there are significant differences in how that works compared to yours.
First you should have seen that switching from keyboard input to mouse input causes a significant slowdown in coding. So VisualStudio exposes this feature through an easy to remember keyboard shortcut: <Tab> <Tab>. Just enter e.g. "if" and press the <Tab> Key twice and the complete IF-statement gets inserted in-place into the editor. No need for any popup dialog or mouse/menu interaction - everything works just in-place. Pressing the <Tab> key again lets you jump to the highlighted regions, where you have to enter your statements - that's comparable with your text input-boxes in your popup dialog.
Other IDEs like Eclipse provide similar features. Even FBedit offers some basic auto completion.

Please correct me, if I have missed something, but I don't see any reasonable use for your program and even your whole concept of code assistance in its current state.
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Re: FreeBASIC Code Assistant

Postby agamemnus » Mar 04, 2013 6:00

A start is a start. :-)

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