Where can I get a Recent-Git-Build of FreeBASIC?

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Re: Where can I get a Recent-Git-Build of FreeBASIC?

Postby St_W » Sep 17, 2018 8:20

fxm wrote:At http://users.freebasic-portal.de/stw/builds/, the new 'freebasic_manual.chm' was not compiled as normally (badly IMHO): small file of 320KB instead of about 1771 KB with a poor user interface (like only html), most of the missing pages, ...
There was a problem with the upload. It took nearly 9 minutes (!) until it finished (still incomplete, normally takes only a few seconds) with the error message "curl: (55) SSL_write() returned SYSCALL, errno = 10054".
I've no idea why this happened, but probably due to a bad internet connectivity on my side.

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