Why must I continue to use FBC ?

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Postby Galeon » Nov 07, 2010 14:43

FB lang is better than the other two. Why? Many bugs are prevented through warnings and errors not shown in qb and fb-lite. I can still remember how many programs I got not working in QB because of this and that, that's why I use FreeBASIC's fb lang (bad memories?). I even spent a day getting data from a certain file in QB.
Changing the source of FreeBASIC will take more time than changing your programs'.
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Re: Why must I continue to use FBC

Postby angros47 » Nov 07, 2010 14:54

Theunis Jansen wrote:The MAIN question of this post was:-
" Why must I continue using FBC" followed up by a direct request, "So could someone please try to convince me to continue using FBC."

Nobody will ever answer to THAT question. Nobody, here, will try to convince you.
FreeBasic is not a commercial product (and we're proud of that); we have nothing to sell. So, why should we try to convince you? What would we gain, by convincing you? We'd have to train you, and listen your complains for a lot of time, and we don't want to waste our time, only to get one more user.

Nobody convinced us to come here and use FreeBasic: it has been our choice.

If you choose to program in FreeBasic, we'd be happy to help you. If you choose anything else, we wish you good luck. But we'll never try to influence your decision: you are adult, you can do that yourself.
Theunis Jansen
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Why should I continue to use FBC

Postby Theunis Jansen » Nov 07, 2010 15:27


If you read the subject of the discussion then all you had to say is "because it is good", and then qualify why you say so.
Please read my latest reply to Voodooattack. Everything you need to know is in my summary and the further reply to Voodooattack.
Thank you. Read and understand is all I ask.

Rather reply or post the way Galeon did. He is a man who replies to the actual question and is, as far as I am concerned, an Icon. His post is enlightenment for all FBC users as to why he uses -Lang FB. Yet he does not detract from my preferences and only states the problems he had with -Lang QB and -Lang fblite.

I summarized the replies to eliminate any further squabbles and explained the reason for my post it, so unless someone gives me reasons why they use FBC and say that is why I should continue to use it then I regret that I will not reply to any posts when they reply to the distractions/diversions of attention, I placed all over the place.
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Re: Why must I continue to use FBC ?

Postby voodooattack » Nov 07, 2010 17:11

Due to the amount of derail this thread has gone through, I'll respond, once more, to your initial sentiment.

Theunis Jansen wrote:So could someone please try to convince me to continue using FBC. I simply cannot rewrite portions of hundreds of files just to get a program compiled to 32-bit.

I could try to convince you, but I won't.

Theunis Jansen wrote:Or can I go ahead and try to modify FBC to only use the QB/Basic compatibility ?
and throw the rest out ?

As I already said: Feel free to do so. Although with the way things currently work, QB compatibility is nothing more than a fragile shell of deliberately introduced quirks and special exceptions spread all over the code, have a look for yourself: example. (You can generally find them by searching the code for "FB_LANG_QB")

Theunis Jansen wrote: Or has someone already done this ?

To the best of my knowledge, no.
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Postby srvaldez » Nov 07, 2010 22:31

rolliebollocks wrote:Yeah, yeah. I did say that, but I would not categorize this thread under the term "question". I think I would prefer the term "fit". You're "having a fit."

agree, stop complaining, and demanding everybody to conform to your demands.
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Postby Richard » Nov 08, 2010 2:58

@ Theunis Jansen.
In the title you asked the question “Why must I continue to use FBC?”

The answer is simple. You don't have to continue using FBC.

More than enough has been said for you to decide what you want to do. At some point you should make your decision and get over it. Maybe this thread is really a procrastination, so you can avoid translating your old code. If your old code is not worth translating then don't do it and don't use FB. Why should skilled FB users waste their time trying to convince you to use FB when you appear not to have the ability to appreciate the advantages of FB.

You are starting to do a pretty good impression of a troll. Maybe it is time to lock this topic.
Theunis Jansen
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Postby Theunis Jansen » Nov 08, 2010 9:13


Regrettably you are also misinterpreted my appreciation of FBC.

EDIT: You don't appear to have read My summary and my last post to Voodooattack. Seeing your comment leaves me totally flabbergasted, and you only quote a portion of my question. My reaction was YOU of all people. I just can't believe it. Did someone on another post somewhere make you see red and now being still mad at him are taking it out on me? - Okay I did read a post by Rens - something about FBC for the Elite or such, hence this Edit and possibly the reason for your ire. Of course I expected replies such as yours but most definitely not from you.
I expected replies more on the line:-
1. Why should I, and maybe a kick on the butt.
2. People who use it and why it is good to keep on using it.
************************** END EDIT **********************
Well on another subject the post was locked because I requested it. Remember "Globals are bad" and how some people flamed Vince.

Edit - slight changes:-
You know I am not a troll (whatever that means in internet terms, but it sounds insulting). People have not carefully read and understood what I said to me it was plain enought viz "that FBC is the most viable compiler and that they should have sung its praises."

Please see where I said I was expressing my idea of compatibility in general. Nobody can knock me for that, it is an irrefutable truth.

I saw things where going too far and that is why I explained, but without avail, the actual reason for my post. This was done notwithstanding the fact that I used my own problems, which I now realize was too strongly put, to show that others should not give up but continue using "This most viable" compiler. (EDIT- In retrospect Stop whining was actually a good reply)

Was I not clear enough in further elucidating my motivations ?( Slight Edit)

You no doubt will reread my last three or four posts to see why I started this post and my explanations of what I expected.

Edit added - Apparently everybody just reads the first post and jumps to reply. This is quite apparent from the replies I got.

You will also see that I thought Counting Pine was the moderator of the Beginners forum and referred to him as such. Because he did not say anything I presumed he was happy with my post. I apologize for being presumptious.

I fully agree that this post is leading to nowhere and that it be locked. *****************************
EDIT:What I said I said and if you want somethings removed I am sorry I do not indulge in deleting things. I would rather apologize - so to all out there, even if you misunderstood my intentions I regretfully cannot apologize for your misunderstanding and responses to my distractions - even if you regarded them as distractors of FBC, which they were not, but I do apologize for intentionally misleading you. To be quite frank You did a good job kicking my butt but after I explained, comprehension should have dawned on some.

Richard. You yourself have pointed out differences in languages and interpretations thereof. Afrikaans is my home language, so if that is how I put it in Afrikaans and think others have similar interpretations then again I apologize for assuming they would. (Apparently our way of putting things is tolerated more than in other parts of the world)
***************** END 2nd EDIT ******************
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Postby Richard » Nov 08, 2010 17:40

Theunis Jansen wrote:I fully agree that this post is leading to nowhere and that it be locked.

Yet you keep making excuses and editing you justification.
When you try to enter a pointless dialog with a moderator you can expect to be flagged as a troll.

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