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Re: Signals and Slots

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Stueber wrote:Today, I was able to write a slot in FreeBASIC and connect it with a signal! I connected the slot with the clicked signal of a button and it worked. I clicked the button and the signal was emitted.

Here's the example src (~22kb): *Link*
Here's the example with dll's (~3.3mb): *Link*
I'm wondering how difficult it is going to be to maintain the bindings. Do you expect the bindings to break with every new QT release or is the QT Api relatively stable? With 'break' I mean that you'd need to rewrite substantial parts of the bindings with every new QT release.

It's an amazing thing you're doing, Stueber. You da man, Stueber, you da man!
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Thanks! :)

cha0s said this 2 months ago:
Qt ftw. I wish we could use Qt with FB but I think that will never happen (the moc, for one)
Moc does a lot of thinks, the most important is generating the code for signals and slots. I wrote a tool wich generates the code for slots for all UDTs in a .bas file. You can get it here. It is a very early version and I'm happy about every comment. :) You have to call it with the console and the first parameter must be the name of the .bas file.
For Example:
Parser "test.bas"
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Re: Qt with FB

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what happend to Qt for FreeBASIC project...
why it is abandoned ?
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