Version 0.18.5b released

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Version 0.18.5b released

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This is a maintenance release for the 0.18 development branch. Specific issues related to packaging, installation, and running FreeBASIC have been addressed in this release. This is likely to be the last release in the 0.18 series as development continues on in version 0.20.

The v0.18.5b changelog is available here: ... =rls&id=12

Most important changes:

We offer two packages: A "native" package (as in the previous release 0.18.4) that is preconfigured for installation at /usr/local, and a "standalone" package that can be installed to /usr/share/freebasic (and like in earlier versions, it can be run directly from the package/development tree).
- use for the "prefixed" version (installs to /usr/local by default)
- use for the "standalone" version (installs to /usr/share/freebasic by default)
- target directories have been added to the prefixed version. ( i.e. /usr/local/lib/freebasic/<target>. The 0.18.4 release did not use <target> directories making it difficult/impossible to set-up a cross compiler. )

- fixed a serious bug in the win32 graphics driver where cleanup routines were being called twice. If you installed 0.18.4, you should install 0.18.5 or at least get the updated graphics library here:
- a few pre-built import libraries were missing and are now included in the installer

- changed to gdb 6.4 - i386 (gdb.exe in the last several versions was built for i786 making it impossible to use on older architectures)


Windows v0.18.5b (2008-04-17): ... e?download ... p?download

Linux v0.18.5b (2008-04-17):
- preconfigured for installation at /usr/local ... z?download

Linux v0.18.5b standalone (2008-04-17): ... z?download

DOS v0.18.5b (2008-04-17): ... p?download

Source v0.18.5b (2008-04-17): ... z?download

Manual: ... p?download
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