QB Express #26

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QB Express #26

Postby Pete » Feb 09, 2008 23:07

The twenty-sixth issue of QB Express is now available!

It's been over three months since the last issue, but it definitely was worth the wait. This issue features one of our largest News Brief segments ever, as well as NINE articles/tutorials, covering topics such as "The Art of Rounding"; creating your own Worms-like scrolling engine; using FMOD to play sound in your Freebasic programs; Database indexing; programming spring physics in FB; and functions with local variables.

QB Express is definitely getting back on track, and I think this issue will prove that.

You can read it all in QB Express #26!
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Postby anonymous1337 » Feb 09, 2008 23:39

*CTRL+F anonymous1337*

Given the results of this command, I deem this article worthy of my read. Whatever significance that holds is uhm. Well I don't know. I have naught anything interesting to write at the moment, but given my slowly increasing boredom... *writes something*
Lachie Dazdarian
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Postby Lachie Dazdarian » Feb 09, 2008 23:51

Nice issue. I especially like how you made the extra effort with the News Briefs.

Only, I think that there is an error in the HTML code at the end of the first tutorial. All tutorials that follow it don't feature the default QBE font.

BTW, I wrote that article about the community status in November of 2007. Don't know why the date was removed. Sabotage, Pete? :P

I wish you good luck with the next issue.
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Postby DrV » Feb 10, 2008 0:42

The news briefs are nice, but I don't really like that they take (from my point of view, anyway) a very subjective stance (predicting QB45.com will not see any near future development, saying "Just as FreeBasic is getting to the point that it can hardly compile even simple QBasic code" when we are actively trying to *improve* QB support, etc.). Anyway, nice issue, keep up the good work.
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Postby KristopherWindsor » Feb 10, 2008 1:28

Hah, I'm in the Gallery, Competition brief, and "Some More Sweet Code Snippets and Games" brief. ;-)

Kristopher: I hope this is okay with you, because I didn't ask you before hand!

Okay, but you forgot the best ones!
Spirograph Art + Alpha Blending: Art Gallery!! :-)

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Postby notthecheatr » Feb 10, 2008 2:45

No kidding! Wow, I thought QBE was dead for good! Now I'm gonna start submitting content again for sure XD
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Postby Hezad » Feb 10, 2008 11:33

Yep cool issue ! I didn't even red everything yet since there's a lot of big tuts (and i'm not complaining about it ^^)
*yeyhookay, one of my snippets is in the "Some More Sweet Code Snippets and Games" section :D*

Awesome work staff and all the contributors !
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Postby ssjx » Feb 10, 2008 13:29

Wow, did not expect to see any of my programs in there! Thanks!

Just a note though that the 'chuckie egg returns' description is a little off, A&F are the company that released the original chuckie egg game way back (1986 ish?).

Very good issue with lots to read through...
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Postby h4tt3n » Feb 10, 2008 14:26

Ok, I was a bit surprised to see my spring tut in there. Didn't think it would make it...

Anyway, I've almost got part # 2 ready to go including a couple of neat code samples. I guess I'll keep that up my sleeve until QBE#27.

(As promised, the tut will eventually take you all the way through 2d and 3d spring systems, damping, drag, angular springs, and higher order integration.)

Cheers, Michael
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Postby coderJeff » Feb 11, 2008 15:33

Wow, programmer of the month, I'm flattered, thanks. I don't think I will ever quite be able to fill v1ctor's shoes, but it has been fun to try.

Yeah, I think users are starting to notice that the business with the dialects isn't so bad. When the dialect feature was added by v1ctor a few months after the 0.16 release in response to the users complaints, I don't think it was really understood where it might lead us. But after quite a bit of effort from the whole dev team (1.5 years by now), I think the benefits are finally starting to surface.
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Postby Ryan » Feb 11, 2008 17:57

Thanks for the news brief on Chronicles of Galia. Never would've discovered it otherwise. It's quite a gem. : )
Lachie Dazdarian
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Postby Lachie Dazdarian » Feb 11, 2008 22:39

If you are going to play the game, lemme know if it's the BIGGEST QB RPG ever. Ehm...
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Postby Ryan » Feb 11, 2008 23:32

hehe Well, dunno if it'll be the biggest or not, but I dig it so far. Elysian Fields was pretty huge when it comes to size, although maybe Dark Ages or The Dark Phear were bigger. We'll see. I doubt my attention span will stay on it long enough to find out. ; )
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Postby nkk_kan » Feb 12, 2008 13:27

Immortal Qbexpress!! =P
good read
i particularly liked the worm like tutorial and the spring tutorial
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Postby BPak » Feb 13, 2008 0:54

Database indexing was very interesting and informative!!!

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