Version 0.18.3b released

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Version 0.18.3b released

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Const Qualifiers, QB compatibility updates, graphics library fixes, ported header updates, and general improvements on all platforms.

Compiler development has made significant progress since the -lang dialect option was introduced with the 0.17 release earlier in 2007. Developers are continuing to take advantage of the capability to both improve the future of the language in the -lang fb dialect while at the same time providing even better QB compatibility in the -lang qb dialect.

This release, the last one for 2007, marks approximately the 3 year anniversary release since the first public release of FreeBASIC. Thanks to all the users that started with us and the new users that have joined since then for their suggestions, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

Below is a short list of some significant additions and changes. This is by no means a complete list, so please see the project changelog for more details here: 0.18.3b changelog on

-lang fb Improvements:
- CONST qualifiers for type safety and porting C++ headers.
- CONDWAIT now takes a much needed mutex parameter.

-lang qb Improvements:
- 16 bit INTEGER, 32 bit LONG
- symbols with the same name as keywords are allowed
- default numerics are INTEGER(16 bit) or SINGLE
- Only those keywords present in QB are allowed
- SLEEP, INKEY$ improvements, STICK, STRIG added


Windows v0.18.3b (2007-12-28): ... e?download

Linux v0.18.3b (2007-12-28): ... z?download

DOS Version v0.18.3b (2007-12-28): ... p?download

Source v0.18.3b (2008-12-28): ... z?download

Manual (2007-12-12) - in CHM Format: ... p?download

If you wish to discuss this particular release
with other FreeBASIC users, please visit this topic:
About the 0.18.3b Release
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