Version 1.07.0 released

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Version 1.07.0 released

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Latest FB version 1.07.0 changelog.txt

  • added support for variadic functions with CVA_LIST built in type, and CVA_START(), CVA_COPY(), CVA_END(), CVA_ARG() macros
  • added '-strip' and '-nostrip' command line options to control symbol stripping
  • added 'type UDT extends Z|WSTRING' support for user defined types to working as Z|WSTRING's, And work well with built-in functions TRIM/LTRIM/RTRIM, LCASE/UCASE, Cxxx() conversions, INSTR/INSTRREV, MID function & MID statement, SADD/STRPTR, LSET/RSET, ASC, SELECT statement, SWAP, IIF, and PRINT/LPRINT/WRITE
  • added new command line options '-earray', '-enullptr', '-eassert', '-edebug', '-edebuginfo', '-elocation' for fine control of error code generation
  • added './fbc-int/' to expose some internals of the array descriptor for developers and advanced users.
  • fixed name mangling (decoration) for global overloaded operators. Some binaries (libraries) may have to be recompiled from source to work properly.
  • and other bug fixes
Thanks for downloading!

Windows Binaries Linux Binaries DOS Binaries Documentation Source Code and all the FB downloads can also be found at SourceForge.
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