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Re: FbEdit

Postby UR_ » Dec 24, 2016 16:44

just my 2ct:

1) "clicking on node desktop"
Clicking an entry will expand this node. If already expanded, nothing will happen.
"desktop" is expanded by default, so nothing will happen.
i think microsoft will say: "this is desired behaviour"
for unexpanding click entry's leading arrow

2) "Menu start" folder it says "access denied"
This is a Redmond joke and will tell you: "Your brain is in XP-mode, please update :-(".
Location of Startmenu has changed since win7 to "C:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu".
XP links like: "C:\Users\YourAccount\Start Menu" are shown, but will not work.
BTW "Start Menu" is not the place you are looking for.

3) While coding folder-browser setup, i thought it will be a good idea, if browser unfolds at startup until initial position.
Initial starting position is path string from dialog box "Environment".
If this path doesnt exist, windows will default to your profile (%USERPROFILE%) which is highlighted and expanded.
This behaviour is a design decision by Microsoft and if they like it, we have to like it too.
So please scroll down and expand subtree "Computer". All your drives can be found here.

BTW since Rev 79 no feature were added, so you are on the bright side.
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Re: FbEdit

Postby Cherry » Dec 24, 2016 16:49

UR_: would you mean adding me on Skype? (cherry-dt) unfortunately there is no private message function on this forum, it appears (or I'm too dumb to find it) - thank you!
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Addin for FbEdit ( Gui ) with window9.bi

Postby enform » Apr 09, 2019 17:18

Hello ,

This project is the Project section with the same name , at the same date . Have fun !
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Re: FbEdit

Postby Provoni » Jul 05, 2020 7:40

In the Functions panel, when one left-clicks on the tab itself, a menu will pop up with "Highlight -> Update" which will color shared variables, subs and types. I find this extremely useful but cannot find the option to enable this by default and have to constantly re-enable it.

Anyone know about this?

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