Version 1.06.0 released

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Version 1.06.0 released

Post by coderJeff »

Here is the new version of FB:
  • many bug fixes (70+) changelog.txt
  • improvements to existing features like BYREF variables and CONST qualifiers.
  • new 2D render options through OpenGL on Windows and Linux
  • dynamic link libraries on DOS
  • multi-threading on DOS (experimental)
  • changes to standardize name mangling (how compiled code works together with libraries, often from other languages). Some binaries (libraries) may have to be recompiled from source to work properly.
To avoid losing any custom changes to your FB installation, it is recommended to make a backup of your current installation before replacing it with a newer package.

Thanks for downloading!

Windows Binaries Linux Binaries DOS Binaries Binaries - User Contributed Documentation Source Code and all the FB downloads can also be found at SourceForge.
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