Moderator's Environment and Tools.

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Moderator's Environment and Tools.

Postby Richard » Jan 20, 2019 2:51

Following the recent call for moderator nominations.
TJF. Thank you for the nomination, but I must decline, I moderate elsewhere.
Dodicat is old and wise enough to sensibly turn down the invitation.
Imortis has his heart in the right place, but will need to improve his telepathy.

“Decimation” was a Roman punishment applied when a cohort did not fight to their leaders expectation. Each group of ten roman soldiers was required to select one of their group, and then to kill that man. To me, this thread seems somehow similar to that process.

I found moderating FB impossible because of the inability to communicate with members in private. That prevented confidential education of the immoderate, or any private feedback or discussion. You are handicapped when your only tool is up front public confrontation, or the selective deletion of posts with comments. Without that PM ability it becomes more difficult to participate in normal forum activity as the member you once were.

The lack of a hidden management forum, like an inner sanctum, means there is no efficient way to confer with other moderators or admin members in private. Moderation guidelines or rules cannot be discussed, let alone established and recorded. Nor can advice or assistance be obtained by an individual moderator when moderating topics in which they are otherwise conflicted. Because there is no recorded historical discussion, new moderators inherit zero wisdom from previous moderators experiences.

There is no job description for the tasks expected of an FB moderator. If FB wants moderators to do their job, then FB must give them the tools, communications and information. The failure to do so is a bit like the Peter principle; take a trusted and valued member, paint a target on them, gag them so they cannot whisper, keep them in the dark, and then expect them to perform miracles by telepathy. What does FB gain by doing that to their remarkably tolerant moderator(s)?

It is deja vu all over again. Nothing has changed. Imortis is now in the same position as I found myself years ago when trying to moderate FB. viewtopic.php?p=257435#p257435

I have learned my lesson well. I now spend most of my time on a distant website, where I am a valued part of the admin discussion, a forum where I can PM members, and be productive. Why would I want to return to FB?

Being sad or sorry will not cut it.
FB needs to enable PM by moderators to members, and to establish a private forum for admin and moderator management discussion. Without that, I expect FB moderators will continue to walk away in frustration.
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Re: Moderator's Environment and Tools.

Postby jj2007 » Jan 20, 2019 8:20

Spot on, Richard! I wonder if there is a technical obstacle to implementing your suggestions?
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Re: Moderator's Environment and Tools.

Postby Tourist Trap » Jan 20, 2019 8:24

Hi Richard, hi all,

Yes it's quite right that there is no way to always have all the data of context in order for anyone, including a moderator, to make/take the right opinion/decision at anytime. To deliver those data of context, or to leave anyone the opportunity to deliver them if any, it's necessary to communicate in private mode (the contrary may pollute a thread).

About the topic mentioned above : viewtopic.php?p=257435#p257435. It's not necessarily a well known fact that this thread has its own style that derives from an old history (following the Circle topic disappeared now?) where humor and funny various stuff were always present.
Myself I simply learned it after a while, and after having been first surprised by the characteristics of the thread. How to talk about that best than in private in this case? It's a good question. What I mean so, it's knowing the context of the thread, there would be no real off-topic left. Or maybe not?

To talk in general, at a distance of the forum now. There are 2 things first that are in application around the domain of law ( in France at least). First, and this is coming from the roman law, it is said that the habits are a legitimate source of law. That means, if somewhere the people have always had some habits locally, it can be transformed in law. The second thing I'm thinking of right now is named "intérêt à agir" , the interest one haves to call to the law. It is mandatory for a citizen in France to show, or pretend, be hurted by something, before he can call for the law to interfer with the thing. (Otherwise I guess, this could add to the sum of public trouble rather than the contrary)

Maybe, here in this forum, where there are very rare behaviours really annoying and/or to forbid, and where so much people have their habits now, maybe then having the 2 legal principles citated above in mind can help.. or not :)

This said. That's not easy task to be a moderator and a delicate exercise (my keyboard wanted me to type "delicious" ahah). One thing I believe however is that in the fb forum this should be a moderate load of work those days. So why not taking it as it. This doesn't mean there is nothing to be done at all, but it seems to me that it means however that things could be done actually , yet diluted in a lot of time. The time the crucial factor in order to make the optimal decision. Even in the case of lack of private information gathering that has been enunciated before, with enough time there should be possible to evaluate finely the contexts anyway.

Just the 2 cents of a regular. Above all , fatally making trials is the way to learn in life for any activity. (writing english is a forever trial for me, so forgive the strange turn of this please)
To summarize: if there is no pm functionality, use more time to evaluate a decision.

Thank you.
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Re: Moderator's Environment and Tools.

Postby coderJeff » Jan 20, 2019 10:56

Richard wrote:The lack of a hidden management forum...

Yup, created. Like 4 weeks ago just after the nominations wrapped up.

> There is no job description for the tasks expected of an FB moderator.
Broad terms were laid out in the first post of the nomination threads. To be further defined as we go along.

> Nothing has changed.
I disagree.

> Imortis is now in the same position as I found myself years ago when trying to moderate FB.

> FB needs to enable PM by moderators to members, and to establish a private forum for admin and moderator management discussion.
OK, we'll discuss it. Thanks

@jj2007, yeah, some technical obstacles.
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Re: Moderator's Environment and Tools.

Postby dodicat » Jan 20, 2019 12:04

PM's (Private Messages), inner sanctums, secret tête-à-tête's, pivate discussions about this and that and who to axe next ...
I like it.
A distant website? If it is distant from Richard it could be close to here (Principle Law of Antipodalism).
If it is in the dark web Richard, I cannot join, the wife won't allow it, otherwise I volunteer.

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