What happened to the Emscripten branch?

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What happened to the Emscripten branch?

Postby angros47 » Aug 16, 2018 18:46

I see that there has been no development in the last years. I wonder if that branch could be merged with the original one, or if it is too different.
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Re: What happened to the Emscripten branch?

Postby coderJeff » Aug 16, 2018 21:13

The original is still there at https://github.com/freebasic/fbc/tree/emscripten and every once and a while, I merge the master branch in to emscripten and push it to my own fork on https://github.com/jayrm/fbc/tree/emscripten

It looks really cool, and I want to try it, but I haven't had a chance to get it working.

to get it merged in to master, that is the official distribution, someone has to be willing to commit the time to support it. As in if freebasic is going to advertise that it supports emscripten build, then it needs documentation, packaging, etc, so that anyone can use it.

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