Error 90 [SOLVED].

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Re: Error 90 [SOLVED].

Postby Achaean » Dec 26, 2017 0:59

Oh...THANKS fxm!!! :-)
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Re: Error 90.

Postby rugxulo » Feb 09, 2018 17:52

Achaean wrote:My custom FD installation, is a Cobalt installation (FD fork, the only one worked out of the box for me, due to an open HIMEMX bug).
From here:
After installation, I'm updating FD files manually, the same way I'm doing it, with DOSEmu (which comes with very outdated FD files).

Just as an aside, regarding FreeDOS ....

if you have a problem with default FD 1.2 (due to HIMEMX), IIRC there were two FD .iso downloads (normal and legacy) due to buggy El Torito support in some machines.

There were also one or two other users who had trouble with HIMEMX, and I recommended that they try a few alternatives (old HIMEM, XMGR, FDXXMS, FDXMS286). At least one of those reportedly worked correctly for them.

It's sometimes impossible to know, from afar, exactly what doesn't work for your machines or why. You just have to manually fiddle with various tools, versions, configs, etc.

If you can boot a floppy, I could point you to a very slimmed install (MetaDOS), but even that only comes with HIMEMX by default (and patched 2041 kernel, FreeCOM 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap, CWSDPMI r7). At least one FB-compatible program (FBMD5) compiles and runs fine there (under QEMU).

P.S. FDNPKG is the official way to automatically update files, but it halfway assumes a certain file system layout. Honestly, it's a great tool, but I'm not truly convinced that it's totally reasonable to expect us to make custom .ZIP packages for everything.

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