time to say goodbye

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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby aurelVZAB » Dec 18, 2017 19:22

well what to say then good luck even I and mr.DJPeters not agree in some things
but who cares that is part of life like everything else.
contribution of DJ ti FB is really big and i appreciate that
personally i am not involved into FB very much because i prefer to use something else
which is bythe way created with FreeBasic what i proof that i like FB indirectly - YES that is truth!
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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby D.J.Peters » Dec 27, 2017 12:52

Lifetime is to short looks like I must learn
to ignore online trolls and idiots = "I meant overbearing and (penetrant in german) guys"

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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby srvaldez » Dec 27, 2017 13:12

good to read from you D.J.Peters :-)
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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby mrToad » Dec 27, 2017 18:15

srvaldez wrote:good to read from you D.J.Peters :-)

I concur! :)
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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby angros47 » Dec 27, 2017 18:22

Welcome back, D.J. Peters!
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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby deltarho[1859] » Dec 28, 2017 8:56

Joshy wrote:I must learn to ignore online trolls and idiots

Actually, it is like having arthritis - it cannot be ignored - we just have to live with it. In addition, some days are not bad and others are dreadful.

Sometimes you will just snap - bottling it up is not the thing to do. Take a troll or an idiot and give them a right 'ear bashing'. Not enough is not helpful. Too much and we could feel guilty. We have to get the balance right. <Ha, ha>
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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby h4tt3n » Dec 28, 2017 9:27

Dammit Joshy, I am really sorry about your decision to leave - mostly for entirely egoistical reasons. I meant to ask for your opinion on a project I have been working on for some time (the physics engine we have been discussing). Is there any way to contact you outside this forum?

Cheers, Mike
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Re: time to say goodbye

Postby fxm » Dec 28, 2017 9:40

The advantage with trolls and idiots is that they do not engage (or very little) in very technical and concrete discussions under penalty of being quickly unmasked and ridiculed if they persevere.
That's why (but it's a shame) in forums that I only participate mainly in very technical topics.
Tourist Trap
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Re: time to say ... Happy new year ;)

Postby Tourist Trap » Jan 07, 2018 17:35

I just wanted to make a quick visit around here to wish everyone a very good and healthy new year, freely and basically speaking of course!

I was not around since a good amount of time now for career reason in real life so I'm not much in touch with those issues related to those trolls I hear about right here. I just don't know what can be the interest to troll here, this is not about politics or polemics stuff , just logic and programming. Just a place to share knowledge and promote creativity. Trolling here is then just a waste of time, since no troll ever would show neither logics nor creativity or any appetite for knowing techical stuff! ... So what's the use for this waste of time? It leaves me very puzzled...

If I can add this very modestly at the address of D.J.Peters, why not just ignoring this kind of issue until the next upgrade of the forum. Because there are ways to forbid troll of becoming invading by many systems like a system of rating the posts (even negatively) or a system of granting more access to the forum depending on an amount of contributions (for example you can't post somewhere else than in a newcommer section before your first 100 contributions. And so on. I don't know exactly what to do, but I know that to every problem we can usually find such technical apparatuses that can be sufficient to avoid the undue headaches!

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