Programming competition

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Programming competition

Postby ike » May 08, 2017 19:22

organized by Google. 10000$-winner, 5000 second and 3000 third place
plus Google order pizza after


best in The World get 10000. Poor Google,

Valentino Rossi may get millions in advertising, Federer gets tens of millions and programmer gets 10000$

Ok next year they will get free bus ticket extra

Something is fishy here, conspiracy. Conspiracy by Google, Facebook and other monopolies to suppres competition
BUT - this is SWORD GAME WITH two sharp edges. More and more smart people cornered, they will have to fight back so we will have 7 Julian Assange in near future, It will not be Guccifer 2.0 but Guccifer 77.0, and every town will have at least one Kevin Mitnick soon
Tourist Trap
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Re: Programming competition

Postby Tourist Trap » May 08, 2017 20:17

ike wrote:plus Google order pizza after

This is really generous from the multibillionary company to offer this flavoured food.
What's the theme of the competition? programming wheels and cars ? ;-)
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Re: Programming competition

Postby TeeEmCee » May 09, 2017 21:26

He's talking about Codejam (and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo)

I meant to submit some solutions to codejam in FB this year. Eh, maybe I'll do it the next round this weekend. Google themselves apparently check all solutions after the contest by compiling and running them, so I wanted to force them to install FB :) ... or get myself disqualified for submitting a broken Visual Basic program!
Unfortunately the third-party code jam stats website is just going to identify .bas files as VB...

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