I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

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Lachie Dazdarian
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I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

Postby Lachie Dazdarian » Feb 09, 2013 13:20

I am saddened to announce the cancellation of BASIC Gaming.

The cancellation was pretty much fixed for about month and a half now, but I was failing the find the energy, time and concentration during the last few weeks to even start compiling the farewell issue (whether along build content for it), which is making my original decision to cancel it in the first place even more firm.

Sadly, the current dynamic in both my personal and professional life is making it very difficult for me to dedicate to BASIC Gaming in a manner I would like to, and the little amount of the free time (as I perceive it) I can allocate for my own personal hobbies is simply turning the work on BASIC Gaming into a frustrating chore. And I'm sure there are no winners if I pursue to work on it in such conditions.

What I realized during the last few months is that I simply don't posses the capacity to juggle social life, work on FBGD, BASIC Gaming and pursuing my game design ambitions (which mainly means improving my skills in several areas, at the moment), so something got to give. I'm quite eager and interested to pursue my own game design needs at this moment of life so I simply have to give up on BASIC Gaming. I love the community, I love seeing people create, I love to support them and comment their work. I just can't continue doing that in this manner anymore.

I wish I could manage my free time better and be more productive in general, but sadly I need a lot of time to get started and concentrate, and so many projects running in parallel are turning me into mush.

I wish to thank everyone who supported the project during its running time, and I hope to see you around, mostly in the capacity of a fellow hobbyist game developer.

BASIC Gaming can return at any time, but in all honesty, chances for that are very small.

Take care, everyone! See you around!
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Re: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

Postby Jonge » Feb 09, 2013 13:40

Sounds like you have made the right choice. Hobbies should be fun =)

Looking forward to seeing your game projects!
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Re: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

Postby anonymous1337 » Feb 09, 2013 15:32

Shame, but I'm not sure that's the worst decision! I'm going to message you :)
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Re: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

Postby AndyA » Feb 11, 2013 16:33

Sorry to hear that BG is going away.

However, I can definitely relate to not having enough time in the day to do everything I would like to.
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Re: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

Postby FotonCat » Feb 13, 2013 11:26

Very sad you're cancelling this magazine which I very liked to read. I've checked FBGD every week to see new issue of this interesting magazine. Anyway I wish you good luck with your new model of realizing dreams into material form! Thank you! :)
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Re: I'm canceling BASIC Gaming

Postby Destructosoft » Feb 18, 2013 3:31

I had to cancel my WoW subscription some years ago to give myself more time to code, so your cancellation of BG is not unexpected. I will miss BG, of course, but whatever else you come up with (for which I wish you success) should more than make up for that.

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