Sorry I'm Really new....

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Trenton Kidder
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Sorry I'm Really new....

Postby Trenton Kidder » Jun 26, 2011 4:43

Hi I was wondering how you download and run FreeBasic. I would like to learn how to create games and I was told this was the place to go, but I cant figure out how to install the program...
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Postby KristopherWindsor » Jun 26, 2011 4:53

You can get the compiler here: ... e?download

Then you can get one of the IDEs, FBIDE, here: ... e/download

When you install FBIDE, choose to install FBIDE only (because it comes bundled with an old version of the compiler).

When you run FBIDE, go to Menu>View>Settings>FreeBasic>Compiler Path and set it to wherever you installed the compiler, probably C:\Program Files\FreeBASIC\fbc.exe

EDIT: oh, looks like FBIDE comes with the latest version of the compiler after all. So you don't need to download it from Source Forge.
Trenton Kidder
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Postby Trenton Kidder » Jun 26, 2011 5:24

Thank you so much. You know any good tutorials to get me started?
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some pointers to get you started

Postby TESLACOIL » Jun 27, 2011 0:52

some pointers to get you started , handy odds and ends with screenshots etc
Lachie Dazdarian
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Postby Lachie Dazdarian » Jul 04, 2011 20:28

Some people like my tutorials:

Gamedev oriented.

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