Windows version GFX-driver

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Windows version GFX-driver

Postby Makoto WATANABE » Oct 27, 2020 10:07

I was told by MrSwiss that the GFX-driver of FBC is "Direct2D" instead of "DirectX".
I would appreciate it if you could add this to the relevant part of the "Compiler Requirements" in the manual.
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Re: Windows version GFX-driver

Postby fxm » Oct 27, 2020 11:59

Jeff, can you take this request into consideration, as it is beyond my skill ?

Other pages that may be updated (in addition to Requirements):
- Why should I use FreeBASIC rather than QBasic?
- GfxLib - FreeBASIC graphics library overview
- GCC toolchain choice
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Re: Windows version GFX-driver

Postby coderJeff » Oct 31, 2020 13:53

1) Using freebasic over QBasic? I believe this refers to using freebasic over the original 16-bit QBasic and friends. The existing answer seems OK.

2) For gfxlib overview, the newest change has been addition of the "Direct2D" driver written by adeyblue.
- Direct2D is default for windows
- DirectX is fallback if Direct2D can't be initialized
- GDI is fallback if neither Direct2D or DirectX can be initialized
- for fbc built on WinXP + (very old tool chain now), the Direct2D driver is disabled in the gfxlib

3) GCC tool chain choice
- I don't think anyone is building TDM-GCC anymore, well anyway, I know I'm not.
- For windows, mingw-w64 (32-bit & 64-bit) is preferred as it seems to be maintained. I have made last couple of releases with gcc-5.2.0 because is easy to do so. I'll have to think about this one. deltarho & srvaldez did a lot of work on testing newer tool chains. We should try to increase our minimum version of gcc.
- For linux, I tend to use the default gcc for whatever OS release I'm building on. It varies from distro to distro.
- For DOS, I think I used whatever is current for djgpp platform
- For FreeBSD's I will have to check. Again, using the default for the platform
- For Linux on Raspberry Pi same as above
- I haven't quite decided for next release what tool chains I'm going to go for. So, will have to revisit this question.
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Re: Windows version GFX-driver

Postby marcov » Oct 31, 2020 14:09

coderJeff wrote:
- For FreeBSD's I will have to check. Again, using the default for the platform

The system C compiler on most FreeBSD (and afaik most BSD including OS X) is LLVM's Clang

gcc is installable from ports though

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