Don't learn anything new !

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Don't learn anything new !

Postby DOS386 » Jul 26, 2008 6:23 ... erFeatures

FreeBASIC is not a "new" BASIC language. You don't need to learn much new if you are familiar with any Microsoft-BASIC variant.

IIRC I changed "anything new" to "much new" cca 1 year ago ... but maybe it should get rewritten even more.
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Postby maddogg6 » Jul 26, 2008 7:53

I'm thinking that should maybe read like:
- Those comfortable with any Microsoft(R) variant of BASIC will find FreeBASIC requires only a minimal learning curve.

Then start a new bullet point...

- FreeBASIC offers three sub-dialects chosen by command line arguments when calling the compiler: "-lang fb" (default) that offers some 'C' like similarity at the cost of some restrictions; "-lang qb" that attempts to offer close QBasic compatibility; and "-lang fblite" that attempts to offer the best of both the above dialects at the same time. See Compiler Dialects

Being a little more descriptive on the various dialects....

Just my $0.02

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