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Re: FreeBASIC Online Documentation - Wiki

Postby counting_pine » Aug 09, 2017 12:17

I've cleaned up the comment spam.
Those "recently" registered users are marked as deleted in the database, so they can't do any damage.
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Re: FreeBASIC Online Documentation - Wiki

Postby srvaldez » May 03, 2021 12:42

hello fxm
information on literal suffixes for integer types is a bit hard to find, typing suffix in the index or search does not help, I found the info by accident by typing ll, in Literals
paul doe
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Re: FreeBASIC Online Documentation - Wiki

Postby paul doe » May 03, 2021 13:36

Indeed. Another member recently had the same issues. Perhaps the 'Literals' section could be right in the Table of Contents, under 'Language Documentation', or 'Variables and data types'?
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Re: FreeBASIC Online Documentation - Wiki

Postby fxm » May 04, 2021 5:37

Regarding the list of literal suffixes for predefined types, it is described:
- In the tables of the Standard Data Type Limits page (FreeBASIC Manual / Variables and Data Types / Standard Data Type Limits).
- In a paragraph of the Literals page (FreeBASIC Manual / Programmer's Guide / Lexical Conventions / Literals).
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Re: FreeBASIC Online Documentation - Wiki

Postby marcov » May 04, 2021 10:35

(It is possible that auto index of hh workshop doesn't index certain special characters or strips them. In that case you'd need to create the index yourself)
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Re: FreeBASIC Online Documentation - Wiki

Postby micklepeletes » Jun 19, 2021 14:30

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