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Carlos Herrera
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Re: Wiki improvements

Postby Carlos Herrera » Feb 11, 2018 10:05

sancho3 wrote:A Brief Introduction To Trigonometry No problems.

The tutorial does not clearly explain important differences between ATAN and ATAN2 functions
(first returns angles in (-pi/2,+pi/2] interval whereas second outputs values in the (-pi,+pi] range, ...).
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Re: Wiki improvements

Postby sancho3 » Feb 12, 2018 0:00

I will add the line as you wrote it.

It is titled "a brief intro...". and it is half a page long. There are many aspects of trig. it is not explaining.
I recommend that if you are comfortable with trig., write an expanded tutorial to replace this very short one. But remember that this isn't a Math Wiki, so try keep everything relevant to FB or at least programming in general.
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Re: Wiki improvements

Postby MrSwiss » Apr 06, 2018 14:58

Updated: C/C++ vs. FreeBASIC syntax comparison

The previously used: Integer (only correct with 32 bit compiler)

Replaced with: Long (correct with both compiler's 32/64 bit's)

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