Kart game... Demo[patch] update.

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Postby Z!re » Apr 17, 2006 9:49

[Content removed at author's request]
Lutz Ifer
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Postby Lutz Ifer » Apr 17, 2006 9:49


Doesn't work for me.
Returns to desktop after loading, giving no errormessage.

Lutz Ifer

(Athlon 2700+, 1GB ram, ati radeon 9500)
Jocke The Beast
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Postby Jocke The Beast » Apr 17, 2006 10:20

Works well for me.

What a engine!!! Amazing work guys!
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Postby Sisophon2001 » Apr 17, 2006 10:49

This is great! It works perfect here, the only problem being with the driving. I could not even get it to go straight! Still trying to get around without !@#% every 20 car lengths, or keeping my finger hovering over the space bar.

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Postby mambazo » Apr 17, 2006 12:36



AMD 64 3800+
nVidia GeForce 5900 Ultra 256 MB

4 FPS???? 4? How is this possible!! :(

Other than that, looks great.
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Postby Voltage » Apr 17, 2006 12:59

WOW! Where do I sign up? How can I help this sucker become a finished project?

60 FPS here.
AMD 64 X2 Dual 3800+
1 Gb RAM
NVidia GeForce FX 5700LE 256Mb
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Postby JohnB » Apr 17, 2006 21:37

Congratulation on your achievement of combining Newton and FreeBASIC.

Some test results.

System #1
SEMPRON 2600+, 512M, ATI 9600/128M, Win98SE
Load screen appears than goes back to desktop.

System #2 Dual Boot System
SEMPRON 2600+, 1024M, ATI 9000/64M, WinXP SP1
Runs, 7FPS
SEMPRON 2600+, 1024M, ATI 9000/64M, Win98SE
Runs, 16FPS

System #3
Athlon XP 2000+, 512M, ATI 9600/256M, Win98SE
Runs, 25 FPS

Steering becomes more difficult at higher FPS. Kart seem to be qiut lose, oversteer (tire grip ?).


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Postby Deleter » Apr 17, 2006 22:54

you guys should really turn vsync off...60 fps means you have vsync on. I have a 3700+ a64 and a geforce 6600gt and 1 gb of ddr3200 and it runs at 140 fps pretty much steady.
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Postby 1000101 » Apr 17, 2006 23:04

4-5 FPS

Athlon 2500+ o/c 3200+ (1.8GHz@333MHz o/c 2.2GHz@400MHz)
1GB PC3200 64-bit 2.5CL Dual-channel
8x AGP Radeon x850 Pro (12 pipes, 256-bit 256MB GDDR3, 500MHz core, 500MHz (1GHz) RAM)
Using Onboard nVidia nForce Audio
nForce2 chipset
XP Pro SP2

Not sure why it would run so slow, my card supports all the funky things you say you are doing. Further, games like Oblivion run nice and purrty with 6x AA, Temporal AA and 16x AF forced on...wait, lemme turn those off and try again...

Nope, it still runs at 4-5 FPS, but it's all blocky.
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Postby Ophelius » Apr 17, 2006 23:44

Runs at 10-15 fps here with Celeron 2.8 ghz, 1 gig ram, 32 meg vid. I'm also going to agree that the steering sucks. It's too easy to flip over on the turns. Maybe increase the gravity
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Postby v1ctor » Apr 18, 2006 1:16

Two thumbs up!

I got 60FPS in my crappy MX-420 when max 2 other opponents are on screen at same time, around 48FPS with all them in the start line.

You guys must learn how to use the brake :).
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Postby Xerol » Apr 18, 2006 3:31

Wouldn't start. My laptop doesn't like going fullscreen at anything other than the native (1280x800) resolution, so it tried to switch screen modes, failed, and crashed (with no error or anything, just didn't start).
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Postby maddogg6 » Apr 18, 2006 5:39

I get 60 FPS (P4 3.0Ghz GF6600)

I live the concept... But,

Does newton assume the tires are filled with helium?? :D

Great work, but I agree - the dynamics are still needing some fine tuning.

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Postby Dr_D » Apr 18, 2006 6:02

Yeah... it definetly needs to be tweaked. This was just a bare bones demo though. I just wanted to let you guys see what we're working on. ;) Tweaking it is really the easy part though. Figuring out what's causing some of these high end systems to have such low frame rates or crashing altogether is the hard part.

Most of the work so far has been modelling... or just testing code. It took me a while to figure out a good way to build the tracks/landscapes without spending a whole day on one. Finally, I've worked out a good system and found a couple of nifty Lightwave plugins to help me make a track in about 2-3 hours. Eventually, they'll have bridges, tunnels, ramps, loop-the-loops, criss-cross roads and all kinds of weapons & stuff. I'm hard at work, as we speak... Thanks for all the feedback. :)
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Postby Xerol » Apr 18, 2006 15:23

Any chance of releasing a demo with a config to allow different resolutions and/or windowed mode?

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