Questions about wxFBE editor

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Questions about wxFBE editor

Postby StillLearning » Sep 03, 2019 21:51

From what I have read the wxFBE editor is customizable.

Is it possible to pass screen information to a callback function?
The information I wish to send to my own program from within your editor is:
The line the cursor is on.
The location in memory where the text that is on the edit screen starts.
The whole line of text the cursor is on.
The current mode the editor is in. Such as insert/overwrite or the edit keys?
A way of being able to send back error messages in the editor (like on its own window).
Also if a line has a continuation character, that I have designated as a continuation character, how can I get the next lines below it that are continued for that line?

I am working on my own Interactive incremental assembler and I am hoping that I can "hook" into your editor as the front end.

Can I do this with your editor?
If so, what do I need to do this without changing your source code?

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Re: Questions about wxFBE editor

Postby MOD » Sep 05, 2019 10:53

All I can tell you now is to check the sources. Within the plugins folder, you will find some examples of how to develop a plugin for wxFBE. Using the plugin system (which is based on viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21217), you can get access to the scintilla editor (getSTCPtr within the ProgamAPI object) and all the provided features, so basically you could do a lot of things, which are not provided by wxFBE itself.

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